Wholesale Air Cards Are An Awesome Business!

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Verizon Air Card

You may not know that Kika Enterprises is actually the world’s biggest distributor of air card technology. These amazing gadgets present a wonderful opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs to generate income and be their own boss. We have seen many successful business people grow as the result of purchasing wholesale air cards from us. In tribute to them, we have created this story to illustrate how the business operates and why you should get in on the action. Enjoy!

Domenico Castellano here. I’m writing today to let you know about this FANTASTIC opportunity that I’ve stumbled on. I’ve been following the Air Card market for a several years, and right now, wholesale air cards are cheaper and better than they’ve ever been, so they’re moving like hotcakes, making them one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

What is an air card? It’s a simple USB device that allows a laptop or computer to connect to the Internet through the cell network, just like a mobile phone. Several cellphone companies have been offering air cards for years now, like Verizon and AT&T, calling them “hotspots.” You can get wholesale air cards that are tied to a cell phone company or air cards that are unlocked that will work on any carrier. We recommend some of each to meet each customers’ needs!

As the cost of internet rises and customers find more reasons to cut the cord with their local cable company, air cards are seeing a huge surge in demand, allowing us to realize an almost instant return on investment. We sell out within hours of getting a new batch in, and we always have customers calling asking about our air card supply.

I strongly believe this is a trend that is here to stay. The wireless air card users I have talked to have been extremely happy with their purchase and are recommending it to all their friends. We’re one of the only companies in town that sells wholesale air cards — unattached to a specific cellphone carrier and with no contract required — and we advertise this prominently outside our store to increase our foot traffic.

Having said all that, I’m certain you’ll agree that for small electronic stores like mine, getting in on the next trend is the secret to pushing your earnings to ten or twenty times what they are now, and wholesale air cards have helped me to do just that. Being ahead of the curve and the only store in town who sells air cards at rock-bottom prices has helped me to capitalize on this trend and earn a fortune, and you can too!