Wholesale Aircards

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If you are looking for wholesale air cards to sell in your business, check out our stock here at Kika Enterprises. We are the largest wholesale dealer of air cards in the United States, and our inventory includes all makes and types of cards. We have the brand solutions you need for your store to sell the air cards your customers want.

Types of Aircards Available

We sell both CDMA and GSM cards, depending on the format your customers require. These cards work with many different data carriers, depending on the card chosen. You can select wholesale aircards to be used with T-mobile, Sprint, AT&T and others, or you may opt to buy unlocked cards to use with any carrier your customer chooses. The aircard brands we stock include:

  • Sierra Wireless
  • Verizon Orchards
  • Audiovox
  • Novatel
  • UTStarcom
  • Pantech
  • Opticon
  • And many more

Wholesale Aircards

At Kika Enterprises, we work directly with the manufacturers to ensure that our wholesale customers get the best products available, and because we have deals with multiple companies, our customers also have a great selection of many different brands of aircards. If you want to stock your retail store with the best selection of air cards, shop here for the widest variety of wholesale air cards.