What Are the Advantages of Having a Verizon Air Card?

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Verizon air cards have changed the face of mobile internet access, and Kika Enterprises is the world’s leading supplier of these wonderful inventions.

But some people still don’t know about them and how these incredible gadgets can help make their lives and work easier.

So here are the top 10 advantages of having a Verizon air card.

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10. Verizon air cards are powered by Verizon’s massive high-speed 4G LTE network. Just about anywhere
that you can think to take it, you’re almost certain to have excellent coverage.

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9. Verizon air cards are self-managing in the sense that they keep themselves up to date. After the initial
setup process, there’s no need to download anything for it – the air card will always keep itself up-to-date by
automatically fetching updates.

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8. An air card from Verizon gives users an encrypted, secured connection between the user’s device and
Verizon’s network. There’s no concern over whether your data is visible to others like there might be when
using a public Wi-Fi network or other connection.

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7. Reliability is also huge to keep in mind when talking about why Verizon air cards rule. Verizon’s 4G
LTE has some of the lowest downtime ratings among every cellular carrier, making their air cards an
excellent choice if you need your Internet access to be ready when you are.

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6. Verizon air cards have the ability to save their users incredible amounts of time. There’s no more driving
around looking for hotspots or trying to manage everything from your smartphone.

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5. Pricing for Verizon’s air card service is highly competitive. There are plans to fit every usage tier from
just-on-occasion to every-hour, so you’ll always be able to choose a plan that fits your needs and your

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4. Unlike other solutions for Internet access on the go, Verizon air cards let you swap out what device you
use them with. You can migrate from one PC to another with ease, ensuring that you’ll always get the most
out of your air card.

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3. Verizon air cards are also small! Most of the USB-based ones are collapsible, meaning that you can
simply fold them up and take them with you on the go.

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2. Speed is one of the biggest aspects to love about Verizon air cards. Unlike legacy 3G networks and even
4G networks offered by some competitors, Verizon’s LTE network for unlocked aircards is uncompromising. It always delivers
network speeds that are comparable to many hard-wired broadband connections.

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1. A Verizon air card is simply a convenient piece of technology to have with you. The combination of
speed, reliability and portability makes it something that any traveler should always have with them.