Top 20 Coolest eWaste Creations of All Time

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20. Rodrigo Alonso’s Stool
These stools are made of electronic waste and resin. (Image from
verizon aircards

19. Yuki Suzuki’s Tube Map
The artist recreated a subway map with circuitry. (Image from

18. Alex Matizo’s Jewelry
The artist started a business selling eWaste jewelry. (Image from
verizon aircards

17. Stephen Rodrig’s Piña Data
This pineapple is made of recycled circuit boards. (Image from
verizon aircards

16. Franco Recchia’s Central Park Cityscape
The Manhattan skyline is made of old circuit boards. (Image from
verizon aircards

15. Atomic Attic’s iMac Cat Bed
An old computer monitor is transformed into a cat bed. (Image from
verizon aircards

14. Leonardo Ulian’s Technological Mandala
This artist creates mandalas out of electrical components. (Image from
verizon aircards

13. Colten Jackson’s Hard Rock Guitar
He cobbled together hard drives and a number pad to form a new working instrument. (Image from
verizon aircards

12. Haribaabu Naatesan’s Beetle
This life-size car sculpture is made from 2805 pieces of eWaste. (Image from
verizon aircards

11. Nick Gentry’s Floppy Disk Paintings
The artist makes portraits on floppy disks. (Image from
verizon aircards

10. Peter McFarlane’s Fossil
The artist created a dinosaur fossil out of a circuit board. (Image from
verizon aircards

9. Jake Harms’ iMacAquarium
The artist who made this sells DIY kits so others can turn their old monitors into aquariums, too. (Image from
verizon aircards
8. Jason Mecier’s Steve Jobs
This portrait of Steve Jobs is made with 20 pounds of eWaste. (Image from

7. Choi Jung Hyun’s Viper
This sculpture is made from computer keyboards and mice. (Image from
verizon aircards

6. Erika Iris’s John Lennon Portrait
The portrait is made of tape from a cassette. (Image from
verizon aircards

5. Brenda Guyton’s Jack
This jack rabbit is made from old computer parts. (Image from
verizon aircards

4. Tom Deininger’s Self Portrait
The artist did a portrait of himself screaming out of eWaste. (Image from
verizon aircards

3. Jeremy Mayer’s Swallows
This anatomically accurate swallows are built entirely from typewriter parts. (Image from
verizon aircards

2. Sean E. Avery’s Koala
This adorable animal is made of CD shards. (Image from
verizon aircards

1. Gabriel Dishaw’s Volt Vader
This Darth Vader is made of computer parts and airplane pieces. (Image from
verizon aircards